About West 65, Inc.

Established in 2000, West 65 Inc. is a woman-owned business created to provide quality yet simple content-based marketing with proven return-on-investment. We’re competent at producing simple but elegant websites and the words and images that make them effective. We create white papers and case studies as well as brochures and fact or product sheets. We build direct email campaigns and email-based newsletters. Our work is top-notch at affordable prices because we work with a cadre of independent writers, designers, internet marketing sales experts (SEO/Analytics/PPC), photographers, web masters, videographers, and more.

Carla Harper, Writer and Researcher

I’m a writer that loves to help people promote their ideas, products, and services with words and images that get noticed.

Facilitating connections and building relationships underlies everything I do. Everyone has value and something unique to contribute.

Rocky is my favorite movie because he won in his head before ever entering the ring and against all odds because he had heart and worked hard.

My education includes a MS from Colorado State University in Natural Resource Management and BA in Professional Writing and Communication from University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

I’ve worked with all levels of government as well as non-profit and business running programs, conducting research, leading marketing and communication campaigns, and writing everything from grants to white papers and web content.

Cindy Dix, Graphic Designer

I was trained in traditional media and emerged from college into a world of computers people were calling Apples, so I plunged head first into the technology of the future.

Working with major consulting firms on the east coast as a freelance designer, I produced slide shows, white papers, and RFP’s. This was the beginning of CW Design.

I coupled my growing creative skills with a natural ability to work well under pressure and manage people and deadlines. Creative jobs quickly expanded into managing entire projects where I work with a variety of  professionals to help build the components of successful web, email, image branding and print campaigns.

See more about CW Design at www.mycwdesign.com

West 65, Inc. | 2941 Battleground Ave. Greensboro, NC 27438 | 336.596.7514 | Established 2000