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70% of people say they open email from favorite companies

If you answer yes to one of these questions, you might need an email newsletter:

1. I have knowledge and experience relevant to the science, policy, or trends in my field.

2.  Often people say, “I didn’t know you did that/sold that/featured those.

3. It bothers me when I see people paying too much, not getting the right solution for a need/problem, going someplace else for what we have right here.

Canopy Partners, a healthcare management services company in Greensboro, is launching a newsletter that will offer insights on technology trends from their executives as well as executives from partner companies. The newsletter will come out in a digital version monthly and a “best of” print edition at year’s end for use at shows and in presentations.

What does it cost to make a newsletter successful?

Canopy Partners offers high value services in a technical and the rapidly changing healthcare field. While the costs involved with producing a top-notch newsletter include the time of executive-level staff, having a multi-purpose repository of their knowledge and experience felt worth it.

West 65 works with them to design and write the monthly newsletter. We plan content on a quarterly basis. This lowers the time impact.

A monthly email newsletter with a 12-month commitment carries a hard cost of about $1,400 a month. Think about the number of people you can reach with an existing email database and the average value of each transaction for your business.

Newsletters can enhance your reputation and pay for itself multiple times over in retained and referred business. You’ll get these results only if you believe that your customers or clients can benefit from a distillation of the developments, science, policy, trends, and noise in some cases within your industry. You are an expert. Offering valuable information in an easy to digest and share format is helpful to people.

What’s the purpose of my newsletter?

1. It distills the facts and truth about important topics into bite sized pieces of 800 words or so

2. It offers trends to watch for in your industry that impact your audience

3. It touches on what the industry leaders, legislators, and trend setters are saying and doing

What’s the result of my newsletter?

1. It builds your relationship, credibility and brand loyalty with a growing audience of current and future clients

2. It converts and catalogs your knowledge into information or news highlights of value to customers and to those search engines crawling around the internet

3. The information repurposes across LinkedIn and social media as well as easy email forwards by friends and colleagues

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