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Web analytics software is ubiquitous. If you’ve spent thousands of dollars creating a virtual store, it makes sense you’d want to know who’s coming, what makes them buy something, and more importantly why did they leave without at least contacting you. Reportedly, only two percent of web visitors make contact. If you are a B2B company, Lead Forensics could be worth checking out.

About two years ago I connected with a sales rep from LeadForensics, a U.K. based web analytic software company with an Atlanta office. They offer “a lead generation tool designed to reveal the identity of your unknown website visitors.”

Who needs web tracking?

The service is only for B2B companies because they can only track visitors with a static IP address. I’ve recommended Lead Forensics to two clients. One is using the service and had this to say:

“I have recommended Lead Forensics to many of my business friends. Their service is excellent. My business continues to struggle since the departments that buy our services could be HR, Marketing, Procurement, Operations, or Loss Prevention. So once you get a lead you never really know who in the company to follow-up with.”

How does it work?

The way Lead Forensics works is via a tracking link for your website. They set you up with a pretty cool dashboard system that allows you to see company name, phone, address, and website address. It also identifies the full visitor journey, including any search term used to get to your website, pages they landed on, and pages they visited.

What good is the information?

The idea is that this information allows you to assign leads to sales team members. If you have the staff and inclination to mine leads coming to your website, this service is worth a try. It also allows you to customize various calls to action and email messaging via your customized templates, which also provide analytics.

How can I check this out for free?

They will give you a two-week free data capture trial and lots of support. Chris Murray is the sales rep that keeps in touch with me. If you are interested in trying Lead Forensics out or just learning more, please contact him and say West 65 sent you.

Contact Carla if you’d like to know more first. Let us know what you think, if you give it a go.