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1.  Let’s start with three words: Content is king.
Even in a digital world, principles remain the same. Search engines, like people, reward value. If you are going to invest in a website, is it not worth investing a little more to ensure it serves the intended purpose, i.e. “get found”?

2.  Communicate effectively with your intended audience.

Words matter. The right images and words make all the difference. It is tough to tell your own story. Let us tell it objectively and effectively. We combine the art and science of clear writing, reader-friendly page layout, and engaging images to help the person coming to your site want to take action. It’s the action that leads to a sale.

3.  “Inbound leads cost 61% lower than outbound leads,” according to research quoted in Search Engine Journal.
Inbound means your audience comes to you. This occurs in part as a result of content that is well-written and quickly points the reader to what they set out to find. Internet search is the number one way people today look for things.

Think about how you personally use the internet, and how you feel about a person or product based on what you find at their website. You don’t want your time wasted. Clear, concise writing is the first step toward authenticity.

4.    A schedule of planed posts.
Keeping content fresh is as important as keeping it real. We will establish a calendar for regular, relevant, well-written content for your e-letter, blog, and newsletter.

Once a relationship is established with you as our client, we work on performance measures.