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As technology expanded, so did our obsession with time management (recently dubbed energy management). At the root is a desire to be happy. In our heart we hope that if the business succeeds, we’ll change the world and make a good living.

The steps to getting what’s important done, and living a relatively happy life, have not changed since the beginning of civilization. You already know them, but let’s review.

Live by percentages for longterm success. Everyone gets allotted the same 24/7.  Be honest about your responsibilities and needs, and how much time each takes daily. Create a balanced schedule that allots a percentage of time to your responsibilities and what’s important. Commit to it.

The body is like an engine. It performs relative to how it is cared for, maintained. The hormones that get you through stressful times –adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine –become enemies to the body if kept charged up too long. For many, the chronic headache, weight gain, depression, etc. can be eliminated with self-care. All humans need renewal every day (yes, seven days a week) that comes from adequate sleep, balanced meals, and intentional quite time (prayer, meditation). Exercise must be included in some form most days too.

Relationships are not optional. Your parents, children, spouse, friends, family are a gift intended to make life rich and meaningful. If you don’t have people in your life that make you smile as well as challenge you to be your best, stop what you are doing and go seeking them.

Good habits are hard to form but imperative to successJason Selk writes in Forbes that the 21-day habit formation notion is a myth. He’s right and points out that success inducing habits are not like brushing your teeth. Being successful at the work you’ve been called to means picking the right habits. You must then press through the interruptions and set-backs by believing you are building toward the goal, little by little.

The 1970′s hit movie Rocky is a great illustration of what it takes to succeed at something difficult. Rocky won before he ever entered the ring in his head. Ultimately, he won against all odds because he acknowledged and honored in some way the four steps outlined.