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Tons of software exists now to bolster your chances at capturing those invisible visitors to your website. We’ve taken a look at Lead Forensics . Here’s a few “down and dirty” observations and tips for the small business.

The companies, like Lead Forensics, that use a platform to track the IP addresses of visitors to your website cannot get individual information.

So, you won’t know that Joe Bowden is at home shopping for your product or service. What you get is that someone using the server at Bob’s University came to your site.

In testing the Lead Forensics product, which is an application that uses a SaaS platform, I could see that someone from Bob’s University came to my site five times. Is it a professor reading one of my white papers to make sure I quoted him properly, a student doing research, someone in marketing that wants to hire West 65 Inc.?

Well, I can’t tell the answer to that. Unless I’ve been courting someone in marketing and think they may be checking me out, where to start? And, if I already have the contact information of a person in marketing at the university has the service done me any good?

Three questions to ask before taking time on a lead generation software.

  1. Are my clients other businesses or consumers?
  2. Do I have time to track down vague leads based on IP addresses?
  3. Does experimentation with this software fit into my overall marketing strategy and budget?

If you are looking for consumers, lead generation software is not a good fit.

Step back and think about how you landed existing business. Where did you put time that resulted in sales?

Small business must rely on relationships to a greater extent than larger ones. Lead software can help start a conversation, but you still need to work LinkedIn connections, go to networking events, and have a referral and a retention strategy in place.

Lead Forensics has an aggressive sales team that do a good job attempting to explain their product. The dashboard is easy to navigate. They offer a percentage referral fee too.

There’s a lot of cool bells and whistles the Digital Age brings to business. Be careful to select the ones that fit your business and personality. Don’t get lulled into thinking that one of the bells will supplant the day-to-day work you must do to build relationships.

The words and images you choose to present your service or product are vital to success. West 65 Inc. helps small businesses and organizations create digital and print marketing content with proven return on investment. Give us a call at (336) 596-7514 or contact us by email.