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A headshot is a photo of you from the shoulders up intended to present your best professional self. Most professional photographers will take a headshot for $100 or less.

At the risk of hurting your feelings, we need to talk about your headshot or lack thereof.

Please trust us on this one. It’s worth the money. Don’t wait. Do it now.

Here’s what a headshot is NOT:

  • A picture of your pet, spouse, kids, motorcycle, trophy bull, scenery, a cartoon, or anything else that is not just your head and shoulders
  • You more than five years ago
  • The cell phone shot your spouse or friends took last year on vacation or anywhere for that matter
  • You looking sultry, drunk, angry, or any other expression than one of a pleasant, honest professional ready to serve clients (unless a hat and sunglasses is part of your professional uniform, don’t wear these items in the headshot)
  • You wearing anything that does not look like business attire for your industry (please no bare shoulders)
  • A picture in the wrong size and shape to fit the digital platform being used

Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. Go to LinkedIn and peruse all those recommended connections. Think about the message you get from the image a person has placed in that little box. Now, go take an honest look at the image you’ve got on LinkedIn or any other platform.

What message is your image sending?

When you go to get the headshot created, be sure to ask for sizes that fit the most common social media platforms (here’s the cheat sheet). Also, make sure the price includes touch ups. Yes, we all need photo touch ups. Not a glamor shot but a little brightening around the eyes never hurts.

We work with reputable and cost effective photographers, let us know if you need help getting your headshot taken and posted.