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You always get what you create or allow. Contemplating this will either affirm how you live or give you pause. Each day remind yourself, “I’m either creating or allowing this.” It might be a habit, relationship, or thought pattern.

Whatever type of organization you work for, there’s one of two approaches allowed or created that has become the culture of that organization – here’s what we do or what do you need.

The first allows for repetition and sharpening of skills. The second eats your would be profits/productivity through repetitive learning curves unless you’ve factored the learning curve into your costs.

Have you ever looked at a competitor or successful friend and wondered, “How do they do that?”

It’s likely that one key factor is they have decided to offer only services and products that they know how to create or deliver efficiently and effectively or they charge a premium to offer their time and knowledge to figure out what someone identifies as a need.

Many will consider you audacious if you take these approaches with firmness. Those are people lacking the confidence and commitment you have. Other people will respect your confidence and commitment and want to do business with you. The first group of people are not your concern; the second group is the client base you should focus on serving.

What’s the “cost” of doing business with you? Make a quick, honest list. You know what you need to do to get on track. You simply lack the will right now to follow through. It’s within your power to change that part of the equation.

You get what you create or allow. Change takes time. Don’t give up.