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In a world full of choices for about every service and product imaginable, your business will not grow if you are not either engendering loyalty among your customers, offering the best price, or providing top quality.

Think about where you do business – grocery, cleaners, bank, real estate, financial services, legal, accounting, insurance, etc. Why do you continue to do business with them?

Today, some push sustainability and charitable contributions as factors but those are not the long-range sustaining reasons a customer will stay with you.

People will stay with a provider out of loyalty if a relationship has been formed and they feel the provider is “taking care of them” by going the extra mile, telling them the truth they need to know, or being a friend. In general, people do business with those they like. If you are tracking with the current pop culture norms, that may be a bonus.

Your business must offer one or more of the three factors – customer-centric, quality, price.

Decide how you will orient your business first – customer-centric for loyalty, competitive price, high quality. Once you begin to gain traction in one of those categories add a second element so you can say, “We are the best price and offer exceptional quality.”

If you are scratching your head wondering why customers leave or you lose out to competitors, take stock of where you excel in terms of customer loyalty, price, quality matrix. Put extra effort into the strongest area first because that’s where you can make the most progress.

The cheapest, most enduring form of marketing is still a personal note of thanks, congratulations, or just “thinking of you.”


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