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In a Digital Age, you often meet people virtually. Your written words will be how they assess who you are and your credibility.

Margie Clayman, marketing guru, says, “What you write is often your handshake today.”

I’m a North Carolina based professional writer with over twenty-years of experience writing everything from technical manuals, case studies, white papers to ad copy, brochures, video scripts and more.

I also have experience writing and publishing books for print and EBook.

Maybe you’re on a deadline and realize writing copy that maximizes space and conveys the right message is missing. Perhaps you have knowledge or an idea that would help others understand how your experience, product, or service makes life better.

We have graphic designers ready to put the images together that are also a critical part of telling your story. We’re all here and understand the need to burn the midnight oil on occasion. We’ll negotiate a fee based on the project and ensure it gets done to your satisfaction. 

Writer, Carla G. Harper

Writer, Carla G. Harper