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The best content marketing strategy for a one or two person company should include repurposing content and maximizing SEO functionality.

Here’s a Simple Content and SEO Marketing Strategy

  1. Every proposal you write should eventually become a blog post on your website.
  2. Every client/project experience should become a case study or white paper on what works or what does not work. Sometimes the less than perfect outcomes are your best write-ups. It can be short and sweet. As a matter of fact, it should be that way.
  3. Set a blog/paper writing schedule and treat it like a client appointment. Be honest, but don’t let yourself off the hook. You should write something five days a week, even if only for 15 minutes. Your monthly, bi-weekly or weekly posting might take you six 15 minutes sessions to complete.
  4. Look for places to share an excerpt or all of your post, such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, someone’s newsletter, or a networking group.
  5. Once you’ve accumulated a year’s worth of blog posts and papers, put them into an e-book format and add “author” to your tagline.

Treat everything you are learning about your line of work and the clients you serve like a new sauce recipe, band, or restaurant you’ve discovered and must share with friends. Put it out there for free, unashamed of what you still have to learn. You’re authenticity and tenacity will attract others.

Who knows, maybe you’re content marketing will grow enough revenue to hire some help, and your business will take off the way you’ve dreamed it would.

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