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There are many ways to save money on marketing. We list several below. But doing it yourself on template-based web tools is not the place to focus.

MailChimp, WordPress, and many other template-based web tools promote easy access for the layman. If you are attempting to do an email for your civic club or an infographic for your kids, go for it. For marketing that represents you and your business, don’t go it alone.

Here are some of the pitfalls the uninitiated run into:

  1. Quirky aspects of the software. For example, in MailChimp you must build in Campaign mode not Template. One of our clients couldn’t figure out why his email would not go out. He’d built the whole thing in the wrong function. In WordPress, you must save your changes by the Update button or you won’t see them.
  2. Design and Content Writing are specialities. We’re not bragging. It’s just that we’ve spent time developing these skills and still make mistakes. A 1000 words in the narrow text box allowed by the email template will not inspire people to act. Dropping an enormous image you’ve pulled off Google into the template not only might get you fined for copyright infringement but it won’t load properly or look right.
  3. Templates require some basic CMS (content management system) knowledge. It you don’t know the difference between visual and text view or preview versus edit, you might need assistance from a copywriter and web designer.

It may seem that creating professional looking websites and email marketing costs a lot without a clear return on the investment. Think about how you react to the marketing that comes your way. First, you must perceive a need for the good or service. Next, if the presentation in print or online looks sloppy, you don’t feel confident about the provider.

Today, marketing in some form online is mandatory. True, WordPress templates look as good as Magento or DNN but they all require knowledge of web building and basic design rules.

You can and should save money on marketing. Our clients that do the following, save money and end-up with products that impress.

  1. Organize content, i.e. place relevant documents in files with names your marketing team can recognize, send them high resolution images you have permission to use, make a list of the major themes and headings for your products and services, fill out a content planning form with your marketing team.
  2. Draft your own press release, blog post, newsletter article, etc. and then let your content writer edit and polish.
  3. Build your own social media accounts and commit to feeding them. Most business people should have LinkedIn and Twitter for starters.

Here’s a challenge. Make a list of how you are uniquely positioned to help people with your services or goods. Next, list all the methods you use or want to use for reaching them. Finally, check the items you can realistically tackle yourself. For the rest, call in some help.

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