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Dropbox makes it easy to share documents in emails, LinkedIn profiles, websites, Twitter, and more by allowing you to create a URL free.

  • Create a form, product sheet, resume, or whatever you’d like to hyperlink on your website or in an email.
  • Go to www.dropbox.com. Open a free account.
  • Top right of your Dropbox screen, look for four icons. The first is a page. Hover over it with your mouse. It will say, “Upload.” Click that.
  • Click “Choose File.” That allows navigation within your system of documents. Double click on the file you’d like to convert.
  • Click “Done.”
  • Look for the name of your file in a list that will appear (if this is your first upload, it will be easy to find). Hover your cursor over the file name. To the right, you’ll see a button that says, “Share.” Click it.
  • A box will open with a highlighted URL. Right click and choose “copy.”
  • Now, go to your Word Doc or Email. Type the name you want to use, e.g. Bob Ratchet’s Resume.
  • Select the name you’ve just typed. Right click. From the list that comes up, choose “hyperlink.” Paste the URL you copied from Dropbox into the hyperlink box. Click “OK.”

Boom. You’ve got yourself a highly portable URL.