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Gus Kroustalis, SEO specialist with Beacon Technologies in Greensboro, NC,  says that spreading your keywords and keyword phrases around multiple landing pages is a good SEO habit.

A rule of thumb when building web pages to generate interest in a product or service is to include one keyword per page and don’t exceed 600 words of text on a page (if you are posting a thesis, that’s a different animal and readership).

Here’s an example of how to build strong SEO web pages:

You sell books. Use common sense and your command of American English to search for “books” online that encompass what and how you sell. Use a tool like Google Adwords Keyword Planner to you narrow down a list of about ten keywords and keyword phrases. For example:

Rare history books

Books for sale Greensboro, NC

Used books

Bob’s Book Store

Collectible books

George Washington’s 1789 Autobiography (*this is your most valuable book for sale and a known sought after title)

Learn more about narrowing down key words at Wordtracker by Owen Powis.

Write a web page for each keyword and keyword phrase.

Page 1          Overview of your products and business

Page 2          Rare history books

Page 3          Collectible books

Page 4          George Washington 1789 Autobiography

Page 5          Bob’s Book Store

Each page should be linked to the home page. Each SEO landing page might contain content that relates to someone mentioned or featured on the home page.

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