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If the responses you get from your communication (email, voice mail, newsletter) are not what you want, try the simple steps outlined here.

Long before the internet, effective communicators knew that the power of persuasion is in the story, not the story teller. In other words, people don’t really care about what you think. No offense.

If you start an email or blog out with several paragraphs about anything other than the point, people will drift. Today, even the most literate readers only read about 20 percent of what they are looking at. Keep your communication to around 250 words; 600 words if it is earth shattering.

In terms of communication that gets action, what do people care about?

  1. What’s in it for me?
  2. What do you want me to do?

Impressive words do not equal strong content. This is not meant to dampen your personal style. Be witty. Be a sage. But be those things through words carefully chosen to convey four key things, in no more than three succinct sentences.

  1. What do you want; what’s the action
  2. What’s the date, time, deadline
  3. Who’s involved, impacted
  4. What will it cost in time, money, or influence

Just as important as getting to the point is being honest, thankful, and authentic. With so much information in the form of words and images coming at people 24/7, most have become even more discerning about quality and authenticity.

These things never go out of style. You are probably much more likely to respond to a request that respects your time and includes “please” and “thank you.”

Content matters. West 65 Inc. can help with creating great content that combines images and words to get you heard.