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Most people with a compelling story don’t have time to write their own story or they’ve started it and put it on a shelf. Don’t let your life changing experience, research, or company history go untold.

Here’s how we work:

  1. After receiving your inquiry through the Contact page, we’ll call for a brief phone interview to learn more about what you’d like to accomplish, including audience and finished product(s).
  2. If we agree there’s a possible fit, we will send you an outline for the project and estimated budget.
  3. We meet in person to go over a schedule and method for working together that fits schedules and personalities.
  4. We will conduct the necessary interviews and research to begin drafting the project.
  5. You will receive drafted chapters or excerpts based on the schedule to ensure your voice and story are coming through. You may use drafts to initiate queries for your article or book with agents or publishers.
  6. By the agreed upon deadline, you’ll receive a finished manuscript, that you own, ready for publication.
  7. We can help you get the work published, if desired.

Call to discuss your project. If we agree that working together makes sense, we’ll schedule a meeting in-person to work out a plan and budget that works for all concerned.